Denim Dash Hash Thursday, Sep. 11

8 Sep

From Randy S. Beavers & Ranchdick McKinley:


Denim Dash Hash
Thursday, Sep. 11, 7:30 PM

Wear your best Canadian Tuxedo! Let’s close out the “summer” running season in style.

We’ll start at the first pullout on the left after Earthsong. We’ll end up at Randy S. Beavers and Reacharound’s cabin. You are also welcome to park there and carpool out to the starting point. We’ll have a bonfire afterwards so bring extra layers and some snacks to hang out outside (denim snowsuit perhaps). Randy S. Beavers must work Friday so this party will be over by11pm.

For more information and inspiring photographs, see the Facebook announcement (and Andy will add to the blog too perhaps!)

(Your Hares will be R. Beavers and R. McKinley.  Questions should be directed at R. Beavers as R. McKinley shall be out of communications until the day of the event.  No purchase necessary.  Must be present to hash).

On on!


Molester on Lester Hash, Friday, August 15, 7 PM

12 Aug

It’s been some time, gang, but now, hear this, from Back Up Ranger herself:

“Red Rocket and Back up Ranger are ready to open up their home to the questionable miscreants and wanderers, to the seediest and sleaziest, to the shocking and downright despicable as we embark on our first journey as co-hares of the molester on Lester hash (we are required, by law, to notify the neighborhood of said event).”

August 15th, A to A, 5 Lester Road, Start 7 PM…



You know it

Cowboys Versus Aliens Hash, Saturday, June 7th

3 Jun

The old cut & paste direct from Tundra Thumper herself:

Cowboys v Aliens

DH3-22 Presidential Fitness Recap

27 May

Although notice was incredibly short, five intrepid hashers & two intrepid onlookers showed for the first of its kind Presidential Fitness hash. The trail departed from the end of the Stampede Road, where curious Memorial Day campers looked on as first hare then hounds shot forth from the parking spot with furious speed.

Hounds were treated to three events along the trail, including the Standing Puddle Jump, the Sit & Reach (for your beer) & the Beer Bicep Curl (to which mandatory renderings of Metallica songs provided sonorous backdrop). The puddles were broad & deep & the mud was fine. In the end, it was the newly minted Gentleman Shotgun who emerged as victor in all contests.

We’ll do a bit better with forewarning next time. Obstacles existed that wanted hurdling, but so it goes.

The details:
Hare: Serbian Jungle Chode
Hounds: Reacharound, Back-up Ranger, Red Rocket (formerly known as Shitfoot), Gentleman Shotgun (formerly known as Young Buck & almost known as Powdered Semen) & Millenium Crotch. Poison & Papa Smurf Jizz Face were in attendance, as were Hoss & Oliver.
Trail: Stampede, puddles & all

There are intimations borne aloft on winds from the Village that perhaps Tundra Thumper is plotting a hash soon, but time will tell.

Until then, on on!

DH3-21 Like a Fish Hash Recap

21 Apr

There are things that in the course of normal life we may regret. We consider the totality of circumstances, the surroundings, the environment, the social implications, etc. There are those sorts of things, & then there is hashing, thank goodness. & so it is that someone exemplifying all the behaviors one might imagine an inebriated eight year-old to exhibit can write this narrative without a great deal of shame.

We gathered on Friday last to celebrate the greatness of our departing friends Frogfucker & Whisperstick. They have been with us since our inception & have been absolutely fundamental to the warp & weft of our every hash. The entire feel of our gatherings is colored by their idiosyncrasies & their unflagging commitment to the basic tenets of the hash. To say they will be missed is an understatement. & so we had to honor them best we could– with four beer nears, an enormous bonfire, some general debauchery & a wealth of rotgut liquors.

Reacharound & GSS put in a trail that wound us through willows, over ice, down & back up Halfway Creek, over one of the finest ten acre parcels you’ll ever see & then out on to the flats behind the dispatch house, where curious onlookers stood over a grill with arched eyebrows & mystified countenances, uncertain whether to shoot, shit or go blind. Exposed shins were torn asunder, blood flowed, Hamms & R&R went down smooth in honor of our humblest beginnings & the group plodded along in search of the elusive hares. New trail designations for Fish & Yeager Fish were created. Rusty took bites at people’s asses. There was not to my knowledge any obvious display of alcohol abuse, nor of upchucking, nor of egregious trail behavior. Sure, a group of SCBs almost skipped the penultimate beer near, heading directly for the gravel pit, but they were roped back in in short order.

Once we all returned to the gravel pit, the Circle commenced. Oration was provided over a bed of toxic flame after a road flare lit the dog box on fire (many thanks to Davy Cockit & to Buckskin O for their respective contributions to the fire). Down downs were administered, the hallowed stars of the evening appropriately celebrated, the gargantuan bonfire lit & ludicrous behaviors begun. Beerfoot, group mooning & windshield urination were the orders of the day, for better or worse. In a highly stylized ritual, Frogfucker anointed Reacharound as our new Religious Adviser. It was a reverent passing of the baton, & a well deserved one at that.

The night ended variously, as it tends to do. Some withdrew quietly, others were carried to waiting escorts. The fire paled, the embers cooled, & the hash, alas, said its final farewell to dear friends.

Rest assured, though, hounds & harriers, we will honor Frogfucker & Whisperstick as we have honored all of our friends who inexplicably take jobs Outside– by continuing to drink while running the shittiest trails we can find. On on!


Hares: Reacharound Lindeman, Glistening Shit Stick

Hounds: Ranchdick McKinley, Frogfucker, Whisperstick, Davy Cockit, Backup Ranger, Shitfoot, Young Buck, Blow it Twice, Double Pole, Tundra Thumper, Millenium Crotch, Papa Smurf Jiz Face, NNKorhut, NNRaffaeli, Snowplow Pussyface, Serbian Jungle Chode, Randy S. Beavers, NNMiliken, NNKing, Buckskin O’Connor, Stephen Cocking. Who am I forgetting?

Ferriers & Miscellany: Poison (who got a new name that neither of us can remember. Anyone?), Leprecockin, Borrowed Panties, NNSivvy, NNRagland, NNCorey, NNThompson, NNTFlo

Beer Nears: Hamms & R&R

Trail: Shitty, shitty, then flat (which was shitty)

New names: Young Buck, Shitfoot

Really: NNRaffaeli doesn’t have a name? Really?


DH3-21 Like a Fish Hash, April 18th

6 Apr


In the immortal words of Robert Frost (or Ponyboy, depending on your sources), nothing gold can stay. It is with that curious combination of crestfallen sadness at their pending absence & enthusiastic joy for their future endeavors that we say goodbye to Frogfucker & Whisperstick, two of the stalwart foundations of the Denali 3H Kennel. Frogfucker has been our Religious Adviser all this while, & without his direction & Whisperstick’s endless encouragements, who knows how the kennel will shape up in their wake. But for now, they are here, & we will send them off in the grand style that we’ve always sought & never fully achieved. Yes, hounds & hares, this will be to date our most ambitious hash. Do not half-ass this thing like I always seem to do.

When: Friday, April 18th, 6:30-7:00 p.m. Meet at the State gravel pit no later than 6:45 to be shuttled to Reacharound & Randy’s house. That way, you will be the more swiftly reunited with your vehicle at the On In.

Where: The home of Reacharound Lindeman & Randy S. Beavers

Theme: Drink like a Fish, Dress like a Fish, Run like a Fish

Course: A to B, ending at the gravel pit, where a bonfire of epic proportions ought to ensue

Remember folks, this is akin to losing our Pope & our High Priestess. Let’s send them back to California with fresh memories of shitty trail, tussocks gleaming with Hamms, Canadian Hunter flowing like water & flames licking the heavens. Or something.


Stampede Beer Mile, Friday, 7:30

31 Dec

New Year’s Resolution #1: Break our existing Alaskan record for blazing fast speed in the hallowed beer mile.

#2: Do so in the customary garb we associate with the pending Sochi Olympics (celebrate the pageantry without celebrating that whole vaguely fascistic intolerance thing).

#3: Adhere to this strict set of rules:

1. All participants must drink one full beer before starting, at the 1/4 mile mark, at the 1/2 mile mark & at the 3/4 mile mark.
2. All participants must imbibe said beer out of an aluminum can unadorned with such features as big gulp tops or the like.
3. All beer must be at least 5% ABV. PBR counts, just for reference.
4. All participants must provide their own beer. Bring a six-pack.
5. This will be a timed event. We have to get on the official books here.
6. If a participant vomits, he or she must run an extra 1/4 mile.
7. All beer must be consumed in full in a ten meter transition zone (5 meters on either side of the 1/4 mile marks). Participants can’t begin drinking until in the transition zone, nor can they begin running until they have finished their beer.
8. No shotgunning or other forms of can tampering.
9. Witnesses are welcome, but your names can’t be entered into the tomes for one night’s posterity.

Remember, in running the beer mile we harriers join in with another venerable tradition. Results will be submitted to the official beer mile record keepers.

Where: Meet at Reacharound Lindeman’s, A to B ending at Ranchdick McKinley & Glistening Shit Stick’s (meaning meet on Menkent for prayer, end with pizza at the end of Denebola)

When: 7:30, Friday, January 3, 2014

Why: It is a moral imperative. Plus, can you think of a better way to welcome in the new year? No. No, you can’t.